Vocabulary Contest for English Students

Vocabulary contest, organized by University’s language center, for B2 level Bachelor’s academic degree students of Georgian University took place on June 8. The aim of the contest was to reveal young people having proper B2 level knowledge and skills in English language vocabulary. The contest consisted of several stages and various amusing activities. The competition was carried in a spectacular and dynamic environment. 

Five teams: “Logos”, “Dragons”, “Killer Wits”, “Eagles” and “Warriors” took part in the contest. The teams were completed with the students of Georgian University and each team had no less than 10 members. 

Winning teams were revealed:
1st place – “Logos”. Members of the team: Barbare Akhvlediani (captain), Giorgi Shamatava, Tornike Shermadini, Nino Mekerishvili and Sophio Qamushadze.
2nd place – “Dragons”. Members of the team: Giorgi Sikintchalashvili (captain), Nino Kavalashvili, Eka Matitaishvili, Ia Murmanishvili and Lika Naroushvili. 
3rd place – “Killer Wits”. Members of the team: Madona Giglemiani (captain), Nazi Khutsishvili, Anna Toloraia, Nana Gabadze, Mariam Gogishvili, Vera Tchighladze and Salome kapanadze.
Each team was awarded with certificates and members of the winner team were awarded with the books.

The Georgian University congratulates each team with the victory and wishes luck.