Another Outstanding Student - Giorgi Khundzakishvili

Giorgi Khundzakishvili, an outstanding student of Georgian University, who passed the joint program - Software Engineering at University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology shares his experiences and life challenges while being abroad.
- How did you get into the master's program in Estonia?
My friends were studying in Estonia and it encouraged me. The process turned out to be quite long and one of the favorites was Tartu University. Finally, I was among the fellows of "Dora +". It was a 1-year scholarship for the freshmen year.
- What was your first day at University like?
We started with an introductory workshop, in the evening various entertainment events were held for new students.
- What skills acquired at SANGU have helped you in Estonian universities?
Presentations and team work - these two topics were relevant throughout the program. SANGU pays a lot of attention to these two factors.
- Tell us how your relationship with SANGU continues.
During my studies, I started developing and implementing university software with a team of developers. I am currently working with the university to improve and develop a software product.
- What are your future plans?
To transfer the knowledge gained during the study at the university into real projects and self-realization.