Public Lecture of Professor Sergo Vardosanidze

Annually on December 3, reading a public lecture by the Rector, Doctor of History, Doctor of Theology, Prof. Sergo Vardosanidze has become a tradition at Georgian University. (December 3, is the birthday date of prof. Sergo Vardosanidze). Currently, the theme of the lecture was the most relevant issue for today’s reality “The Problem of Unified State and Church Consciousness in Georgia separated into provinces (XV-XIX cc)”.
There have been many examples of defeating Georgia in an unequal battle with an enemy in the past but the most painful for the nation was absence of unity. In a politically disintegrated Georgia, the Georgian Church remained as a symbol of unity of a nation. Consequently, the enemy tried to violate the unity of a church.
Fortunately, there were figures of national consciousness in every century whose sane and proper orientation prevented the enemy from reaching the goal. Georgian nation has faced no less challenges in 20th and 21st centuries. Today’s youth must respond to these challenges.
At the end of the lecture the audience congratulated prof. Sergo Vardosanidze on his birthday and thanked for an interesting lecture.