The Rivalry Between the US and China for World Hegemony

On June 30, 2020 the School of Humanities and Law of Georgian University organized an international online scientific conference: “The Rivalry Between the US and China for World Hegemony”.
Confrontation between China and the United States has intensified significantly in recent years, with economic conflict reaching its peak. China is trying to hide the desire to deprive the US of its status as a world hegemon, but their ambitious economic or infrastructural projects show otherwise and the US is doing everything it can to extend its hegemony in the world. The purpose of the event was to identify the factors that aggravate the conflict between China and the US.
Scholars from different countries participating in the conference talked about the relations between the US and China. The reports discussed whether a war between the US and China and the struggle for global leadership were imminent, analyzed whether the US has the power and ability to end Chinese domination in the world.
The conference was organized by Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor of Georgian University Valeri Modebadze.