Library Director: Tamar Kantroshvili
Librarians: Kh. Kobeshavidze, A. Kvirkvelia, N. Sadgobelashvili
Contact number:  225 82 40

The library of the Saint Andrew The First Called Georgian University represents one of the leading structural subdivision, which due to its maximum resources provides the education process. At the same time, contemporary library represents the center of the culture, education and science information. In order to accomplish abovementioned goals, library uses the means of contemporary information. The goal of the library is to meet the demands of all the students and professors in the sphere of information and bibliography, to provide library funds with the essential University manuals and Science literature, and the integration of the library in the network of Eastern Orthodox Culture.

Science library was founded in 01.09.2009. Library has book depository equipped with computer technique and reading area. Library fund unites up to thousand library unites, which permanently grows with the new books bought by University. Library fund, both printed and electronic, is in correspondence with the literature given in silabus. Main part of the literature is represented in Georgian, English and Russian languages.

Scientific library was established on September 1, 2009. The book depository and reading room of a library is equipped with computers. The bookstore fund of a library includes several thousands of library units which are systematically enriched with new books purchased by the university. The fund of a library both printed and electronic corresponds to the literature mentioned in the syllabus. The essential part of a literature is in Georgian, English and Russian languages.

The bookstore fund includes: the books purchased by the University (theological and scientific literature. Its noteworthy: “Orthodox Encyclopedia” in twenty-one volumes, Bolotov and Tilberg’s “History of the Georgian Orthodox Church” (in volumes); Iconography Illustrative Albums) also serial editions of scientific publications in Sociology and Economics, Medicine, Technologies and in different scientific spheres by New York Nova Science publishers gifted by the Patriarchate of Georgia and other books presented by individuals.