TOP 5 Graduates of the School of Business, Computing and Social Science

- The most important thing that you have learned at SANGU?
Ana Beriashvili –  SANGU increased my self-confidence because you feel the result of your hard work during any small success at university which assures you of your own abilities. Also, SANGU taught me how to deal with difficulties because it was the first stage where I was left alone with the difficulties and tried to deal with them independently.
- What is your recommendations for entrants taking admission for university this year?
Davit Goglidze – I would recommend three things to this year's entrants:
1. Effective time management: imagine a decent triangle whose vertices are learning, social interaction, and personal space. If you choose only one of these three, you will have no time for the other two. But, if you stand in the center of the triangle and move as needed to the side that will be most important at a particular moment, then you will have more chances of success.
2. Combine other interests with the profession: do not left behind the field you are interested in. for instance, I have been fond of both economics and computer science since the 10th grade so I majored in Finance and Banking and at the same time tried to relate the knowledge gained to computer technology which manifested itself in my undergraduate thesis and in a conference topic written in collaboration with a computer science student;
3. Implement changes on time: while being student you become more self-aware. At this time, you may not see yourself being in the right path so, it is important to make timely choices and follow the path that is interesting and promising.
- What are you going to do now? what are your plans?
David Kurtskhalia – I am going to continue my studies for a master's degree, at the same time I am going to work because I want to accumulate both theoretical and practical knowledge.
- Subject / lecture or lecturer that you remember outstandingly? (in any sence)
Nutsa Grigalashvili – To be honest, I have a lot to say I learned something special from everyone and constantly felt the support and motivation from the lecturers. Finally, I would like to single out those who have taken care of my professional development beyond the lectures and with a number of offers, give me a chance to advance professionally. They are: Professor Irma Khachidze, Lia Svanidze, Tea Gogotishvili, Dimitri Nadirashvili, Maia Kalandarishvili, Alexandre Rusetski, Tamar Tukhashvili, Nona Akhalashvili. I will never forget when I talked to Dimitri Nadirashvili on the first day at university and it is symbolic that under his leadership I wrote a research paper on the "Here and Now" situation, the anxiety caused by the Corona Pandemic.
- What do you miss the most about the University?
Mariam Shotiashvili – University has changed a lot in my life, I have gained lots of friends. What I miss the most is the friendly and warm atmosphere at the university, lectures and lecturers who created the necessary conditions for learning.