TOP 5 Graduates of the School of Humanities and Law

- Subject / lecture or lecturer that you remember outstandingly?
Ana Mamukashvili – I would say, the attitude of the head of the Center of Kartvelology, Tariel Putkaradze towards the students is remarkable, he is always attentive to students which, I think, is really appreciated. As for the lectures / subjects, it is linguistics, which I studied with delight. I was particularly interested in morphology (verb), the lectures of which were very interesting and distinctive to me.
- What do you miss the most about the University?
Mariam Kipshidze – The most important thing that SANGU left me is attitudes. These 4 years have taught me that the lecturer can be your best friend, make you feel as if you were equals, share same opinions and at the same time have that attitude that lecturer should have during the lectures, in this respect SANGU is really special to me.
- The most important thing that you have learned at SANGU?
Natia Kalandadze – The most important thing that I have learnt is that I found myself, took the right path from a professional point of view and learned that to achieve your goal you have to fight, work hard and never give up. 
- What is your recommendations for entrants taking admission for university this year?
Susana Kakosian – This is the period of many good opportunities, I advise them to study hard and most importantly manage their resources correctly. However, student’s life is not just about learning. I always tried to develop other aspects besides my profession. My daily life is unimaginable without being with friends, reading or doing different things. This is what gives us spiritual and physical resources, which in itself reflects on our success.
- What are you going to do now? what are your plans?
Elene Tsitsishvili – I have too many plans. Currently I continue working in the Department of Regulation of Studying Process and Student Services at Georgian University, learning Chinese language and plan to visit China in the future. I have completed Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and plan to continue my Master’s degree in this field also. I have recently become interested in Law and planning a 6-month internship in this field as well. There are many things that I think of and interest me, but one thing I know for sure I will never stop studying because this process gives me the greatest pleasure and happiness. I am not familiar with stagnation and wasting my time, as Ilia Chavchavadze would say movement and movement alone is the source that gives country effort and life!