Current Problems of English Philology

On May 29, 2020 (Friday), at 12:00 p.m. will be held the conference on current problems of English philology.
Considering the current situation in the country if it will be impossible to hold the conference in the building of the University the conference will be held remotely, online via “Zoom” internet platform. 

Terms of participation:

•    The report should include scientific news;
•    Regulation 20 minutes (15 min. report; 5 minutes: question-answer);

Conference materials will be published, for which participants must submit their reports by April 24, 2020 to the email: otarmate@yahoo.com

Terms of receiving articles:
•    The article is accepted only by sending to the specified e-mail;
•    The article should be accompanied by a short annotation in English;
•    The text, including footnotes, should contain a maximum of 4,000 words;
•    Georgian text should be typed in Sylfaen font, English-Times New Roman font;
•    Main text size -11, footnote size - 9;
•    Distance between the rows -1.15
•    Margins 2 cm to the left-right, 2.5 cm above and below.
•    See the rule of footnote-bibliography reference in the file attached.

When submitting an article by e-mail, indicate the title "Current Problems of English Philology" as subject.
P.S. If the technical requirements are not met, the article will be returned to the author without being reviewed.
P.S.S. In case of holding the conference online, remotely, it is necessary to have a video camera, a microphone and the Internet.