Cambridge International FCE English Language Course for SANGU Students Starts

Deadline for registration is September 18.
What is FCE? FCE - is an English language, B2 level Cambridge internationally recognized certificate by universities and employers around the world.
We offer a one-semester intensive course to help you learn English in depth and improve your language competence.
This course will fully prepare you in all four components:

  • Conversation - you will intensively practice in effective oral communication;
  • Listening- Listening practice will give you the opportunity to learn speech of different complexity;
  • Reading (and grammar) - You will study different genres of text (e.g. articles). To understand correctly.
  • Writing - Learn to prepare different types of written documents, such as formal and informal writing, report and essays.

If desired, after completing the course, you can apply to the British Council, or NAEC, to pass the FCE exam and receive an internationally recognized certificate that is valid for life. Students who have closed the B2-level can choose the course.
For details, contact us in room #106 of building I, or call: 514 76 44 76; Email: t.dundua@sangu.edu.ge