St. Andrews Georgian University Scholarship Recipients


When we become better acquainted with the lives of scholarship recipients of our University our interests are focused on their inner world, past lives, attitudes toward themselves, learning process and other significant issues. This narrative becomes more interesting when it is discussed with Anano Vashakidze, student of the School of Business, Computing and Social Sciences, majoring in Psychology, who has immersed in herself and now can make us take a deeper look at life, her spiritual world, make us think about life’s turning points and talk about the process of self-awareness.
- Hello Anano!
- Hello.
- Tell us, what was more important in your life before coming to university?
- Admission to the faculty of Psychology at the university came as a surprise to my loved ones, I did not live up to their expectations and made a completely different decision. Everyone expected me to choose the profession of a journalist, because during my school years I was actively involved in non-formal education, charitable and educational projects, took training on TV, that clearly showed my extraverted side, so they thought I would continue on this path.
- What caused the unexpected decision?
- I chased my inner voice. There is a period in every person's life when they are treated in an “existential vacuum” and then questions of self-determination arise. At this rate, I realized that profession of journalism would not be able to give me answers to my questions and what else, if not psychology, would help me in self-awareness, in establishing my own purpose and healthy relationships. So I found myself here, in this faculty, and mastered the profession that I consider to be the most correct choice of my life.
- What did these two years spent at the Georgian University give you in terms of both professional and personal growth and development?
- Georgian University, I would say, created the best ground for personal growth, self-awareness. If until now the extroverted side prevailed in me, the two years spent here enabled to create a harmonious synthesis of extraversion and introversion in me. Psychology has enabled me to realize all the hitherto unexplained events, to be able to understand and have a deep access to what can stand beyond human behaviors and words. I can’t help but notice that our professors, play the role of external motivation and source of support in my progress, the fact that someone believes in you, your abilities, talents and success, that gives the greatest strength and courage.
- Being a scholarship recipient is not easy and requires a special attitude towards learning. Do you have time to have fun?
- In my opinion everything is achievable if you really want to, the main thing is the strength of desire. At the beginning of the semester, I set myself a goal to score 100 points in all subjects and I achieved it. The subjects were all interesting and learning process itself was enjoyable besides, I am able to grasp new concepts quickly and efficiently, so I distribute time equally for everything. Additionally, it is also a great luxury when you can discuss valuable issues with such competent and professional lecturers, Psychology is not just the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, it is the process of dynamic and continuous cognition, observation, analysis, adaptation to one's own and others' experiences, interesting discoveries that form a person and allow you to help others with your knowledge and experience. So, it is impossible to be bored with a profession that is constantly accompanied by interesting discoveries and findings.
- Now that distance learning has given students more free time, what are your student days like?
- Distance learning is a new challenge, but I am glad that both lecturers and students at our university have managed to adapt to the existing reality quite easily and through joint efforts, we strive to maintain a high level of education. However, I miss the live interactions with the lecturers and friends and the active student life that I have appreciated even more in these conditions.
- Message to peers…
- Always enjoy the learning process, make learning not as a drill, but as a source of cognition and development. The most important thing in my opinion is to take responsibility for yourself and your choice. Love what you do, be determined, and make all your failures not as a basis for giving up and retreating, but as a force on your path to success, and when you truly achieve success, never forget where you started and who you had by your side. Never stop developing and working on yourself.
- Excellent words, thank you, good luck.
- Thank you.

Prepared by Nino Abramishvili