Georgian University Scholarship Holders

Beka Zakariashvili, student of Economics, School of Business, Computing and Social Sciences.
-    Tell us about you, before SANGU?
-    Before coming to the SANGU there was a school, where I received proper education thanks to my teachers. I am personally convinced that SANGU is distinguished by a very high quality of teaching and has experienced, highly qualified professors.
-    what do you like most about your profession?
-    Ever since I was a child, I wanted to become a doctor, I also wanted to be a teacher. However, in the end I chose economics, and decided to study and get an education that would be useful for our country in the future.
-    Where do you imagine yourself after graduation?
-    Currently, my main goal is to master my profession and improve qualification. I want to successfully complete all three stages of higher education. Then, it is my great desire to become a lecturer. My great desire is to be at the service of the people and take part in the development of the country.
-    To be a scholarship holder means… 
-    To be a scholarship holder means to have a great responsibility, it is not easy. Having scholarship and each success achieved in general does not really allow me to relax.
-    What or who made the most impression on you at University?
-    The university has given me the opportunity to make the most out of my resources and skills, all this was achieved thanks to my favorite lecturers, none of whom I can single out.
-    What is your formula of success?
-    Being responsible, hardworking, use your resources to the maximum, never give up, set goals and spared neither time or strength, nor energy to achieve them. Never stop learning, developing and working on yourself.
-    Thank you Beka, with you luck.
-    Thank you.

Nino Abramishvili