“Kartvelological Conversations at the Round Table”

In the framework of continuously operating seminar “Kartvelological Conversations at the Round Table” by Kartvelology center of School of Humanities and Law the discussion on the issue “Georgian Language – Georgian unifying Phenomenon in Global Epoch” was held. The discussion was opened by head of Centre of Georgian Studies, Prof. Tariel Putkaradze, who spoke about three following problems: 1) teaching of Georgian; creating a web portal that will be focused on 4,000,000 Georgians living abroad; 2) Georgian as a communication language of Georgians (analysis of existing problem); 3) coordination and creating of computer programs for automatic translations from Georgian and into Georgian.
The invited guests also talked about the existing problems. The meeting was summarized by the dean of School of Humanities and Law, Prof. Levan Jikia. It was noted that, close cooperation and coordination of all levels of society (scientists, general public, authorities) is essential.