Educational Fair of Computer Science

Computer Science Educational Fair is celebrated on December 9-15 worldwide since 2014 and aims to promote computer science, interest young people in programing and modern technologies.

The fair is dedicated to the birthday of computer science pioneer Admiral Grace M. Hopper an American inventor, scientist and admiral of the Navy, also one of the first programmers who created first compiler of computer programming language.

In the framework of the Educational Fair leading specialists read scientific-popular lectures: computer 3D Graphics (Head of IT Service of Georgian University, Kakhaber Revazishvili), artificial intellect (associated prof. of Georgian University, Paata Gogishvili), our world and digital visions about the world (planetarium consultant of the Youth palace, prof. Ilia State University).
Practical lessons in coding and robotics were also held. The event was attended by pupils from Tbilisi and different regions.