High School of Translators Announces Admission

The High School of Translators is announcing admissions (in English, German, French) for applicants.
Those wishing to study at a High School of Translators, please send us your CV, copies of your higher education diploma and ID card to the following e-mail: hisit@sangu.edu.ge before June 26.
Applicants will be selected through a competition:

  • Written test in a foreign language and Georgian;
  • Oral interview in a foreign language.

Students with an international certificate in a foreign language (C-1 level) will be exempted from the test.
The information meeting will be held on June 26 at 12:00 p.m.
Exam Schedule:
June 28, Monday - 11:00 am (written test in a foreign language)
June 29, Tuesday - 11:00 am (written test in Georgian)
June 29, Tuesday - 13 o'clock (interview in foreign language)

The training process will start in September 2021.

Contact information:
Georgian University, building I, room #04.
Tel: 2 25 82 40 (+230)
Mob.: 599-93-93-33 or 599-54-38-06
E-mail: hisit@sangu.edu.ge, Facebook page