Rules for the Administration of Spring Semester Final Exams of 2019-2020 Academic Year

Exam Form and Organization
1. The terms of the exams are determined by the academic calendar.
2. The exams will be held in written form, in the case of the foreign language courses in combination (written, oral), and in the case of "simultaneous translation" training course - orally, in accordance with the conditions established for the relevant form, except for the teacher training program.
3. If in the process of evaluating the exam paper the lecturer has a suspicion that the paper has been copied, he/she is authorized to assign an oral interview, in which case he/she will record the process of interviewing and hand it over to the examination center.
4. In order to conduct the exams in an organized manner, the Schools of Humanities and Law and Business, Computing and Social Sciences, within their competence, provide the examination center with the examination-paper via email (examcenter@sangu.edu.ge).
5. The examination center ensures the compilation of the examination timetable and informing the students through the University platform (ums.sangu.edu.ge), sending it to the lecturers, as well as placing the relevant examination issues on the platform of www.moodle.sangu.edu.ge. 
6. As for the teacher training programme the lecturer organizes the final exams according to the specifics of the educational/practical component, for which he/she selects the appropriate form, sets deadlines and informs the students of the programme, provides examinations and puts assessments in the university software (ums.sangu.edu.ge).

The Rule of Exam Administration
1. The written exam should be conducted using the electronic platform of Moodle (moodle.sangu.edu.ge).
2. The examination center ensures that the rules of conducting an exam for students are developed and informed.
3. The examination-paper must be completed in the form of an electronic document. The student is also entitled to upload a manuscript in the appropriate field, scanned or photographed. The student is responsible for the resolution of the manuscript and the quality of the photo/scanned document.
4. The lecturer will ensure that the student is evaluated electronically according to the submitted examination-paper, within 2 calendar days after the relevant exam. The placement of assessment on the University platform of assessment (ums.sangu.edu.ge) is provided by the examination center.
5. The rules provided for in this Article shall also apply in the case of a combined examination.

Rules for Administering the Oral Component of the Combined Exam
1. The oral component of the combined test should be conducted using the platform Google meet.
2. The student is required to authorize his/her name via e-mail given from the university.
3. Students should be given no more than 10 minutes to concentrate on examination-paper issues.
4. Student surveys can only be conducted individually or in pairs.
5. The student is obliged to keep the camera switched on during the examination process.
6. The lecturer must ensure that the exam is recorded and the record and assessment received are sent to the examination center by e-mail (videoexam@sangu.edu.ge).
7. The rules set in this Article shall also be applied to the organization of the final examination of the simultaneous translation course.

1. For appealing the assessment obtained in the exam the student must submit an application electronically, through the University platform (ums.sangu.edu.ge) or the university's official e-mail (info@sangu.edu.ge).
2. In case of appealing the assessment obtained in the written examination, the relevant examination-paper will be reviewed, and in case of an oral examination, a video recording of the relevant examination will be reviewed.
3. The video files are stored by the examination center for an appeal period, after which they are subject to destruction.