Freshman Registration

Registration takes place every day from 7 to 11 September (except weekends), from 11:00 to 18:00 (University, II building)
List of documentation to be submitted:

  • Original of complete general education certificate or a verification from the House of Justice on filling an application on getting a complete general education certificate
  • Copy of ID card / passport;
  • Copy of the military registration certificate (for men);
  • Two 3x4 photos and a photo on a CD;
  • In case of a minor - submitting a copy of the notarized birth certificate and parent/legal guardian accompanying him/her with ID;
  • Receipt confirming the payment of the semester tuition fee.
  • In case of being a family member of a military person - a certificate from the military service.

Bank Details: TBC Bank
Bank Code: TBCBGE22
Account Number: GE76 TB74 8803 6020 1000 02;
Payment can be made at any branch of TBC Bank