To the attention of the Georgian scientific community!

On November of this year Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia announces CARYS Grant Program, which is part of the Georgia National Innovation Ecosystem - GENIE project, funded by the World Bank.
The aim of the program is to promote innovative activities with the help of public and academic sectors; implementation of collaborative applied researches with the involvement of young researchers; strengthening research and technology transfer skills; identifying, developing and implementation of innovative researches that have potential of commercial and technical transfer that focuses on solving socio-economic challenges of Georgia and/or represents worldwide innovation.
Applications for the Applied Research Grant Program Projects may be submitted in the following fields:
•    Natural Sciences;
•    Engineering and Technology;
•    Medical and Health Sciences;
•    Agricultural Sciences;
•    Social Sciences;
•    Humanitarian Sciences.
The maximum duration of the submitted project should not exceed 12 months and the maximum budget is 250 000 GEL. The project or project activity may not have been already implemented by the project leader and/or research team (national/international) funded by donor organization.
Participation in the competition and receiving funding are restricted to the projects that are related to:
Military or nuclear technologies;
Sports or tobacco production (projects on viticulture, wine making are allowed);
The team of researchers (core staff) with the support of the host organization for access to the material and technical data required for the research is eligible to participate. The project should have a scientific supervisor who is representative of the research sector, and the project's key staff should consist of scientific-research and private sector representatives. At least 50% of key staff should be young researchers, and no more than 25% of key staff should be private sector research relevant to the project.
Project evaluation will be carried out in two phases, which will be evaluated by both independent experts and the selection committee.
Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia wish you success!