Before and After SANGU

Georgian University helped me greatly to develop necessary skills, getting to know the right people, companies, educational programs. 
We need to learn to fight for our dreams and get out of our comfort zone. Zviad Gamsakhurdia said - "only dead fish follow the direction of the flow". We also need to acknowledge that developing necessary skills and working on ourselves is important.
Today, forms of education are completely changed, the key now is in values, knowledge of modern technologies and creation of something innovative, otherwise it is impossible to succeed.
I am thankful and grateful that I had opportunity and was often given a chance to present the name of Georgian University to the general public.
I would also like to thank our Patriarch, Ilia II, and I would like him to know that younger generation sees everything, appreciates and tries to maintain and develop our valuable traditions, and learn something new in order to make contribution to development of our country.

Levan Taghiashvili
Graduate of International Relations Program