SANGU Scholarship Recipients

Despite the difficulties of memorizing and writing thousands of Chinese characters, Alexander Mgaloblishvili decided to study the language from the first year of his studies.

Welcome Alexander.
- Hello.
What influenced your choice of profession and university?
- The highest quality of education that SANGU provides and the choice of profession was largely impacted due to my earlier interest in languages. 
How you managed to go to China? 
- I started learning Chinese from the 1st year of my studies, and when I passed the Chinese language proficiency test with the interview at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, I was enrolled to the university that was first in my list with a full scholarship.
Talk about the results and skills you acquired…
- Going towards the goals brings great pleasure and energy to the person. I cherish the months spent at Zhejiang University. I met and made friends with representatives of almost all countries of the world, because the relations between peoples are extremely important.
You became a scholarship holder in the fall semester of 2019…
- This fact gave me even more energy and motivation. I would definitely like to mention the contribution of professors and thank them!
What do you think the university looks like in terms of pandemic?
- Due to the epidemiological situation, currently the University has switched to remote learning and managed not to let the difficult situation reflect on the quality of education. I am sure each student shares a public responsibility, it is with such an approach to the problem is possible to defeat the pandemic and return to an active lifestyle soon.
How you manage to rest after the busy schedule?
- For me personally, the best way to relax is to go out of town with friends, I love horseback riding. The university has always offered us an active sports life, it has a gym, as well as various sports clubs.
What do you recommend for students interested in Chinese?
- Do not be afraid of the complexity of the Chinese language and do not to give up on your goals. Believe that your work will definitely be appreciated!
Thank you very much. Good luck.
Thank you.

Prepared by Nino Abramishvili