Successful Students of SANG

In today’s interview we introduce you Nino Asanidze, who graduated with honors from SANGU the School of Humanities and Law, program of International Relations and Regional Processes, completed a one-year language course in China while studying for a bachelor's degree, and recently gained a scholarship and enrolled in a three-year master's degree program at the university in China.
- Welcome Nino.
- Welcome and thank you for the interview.
- Now that you have successfully graduated from university, how do you remember your student years?
- Yes, I have successfully graduated with the highest grade. I have been associated with SANGU for many years I still remember September 2014, when I first stepped on the doorstep of the University gazing anxiously, realizing that it was a new chapter of my completely new life. However, the happiness turned out to be short-lived, because of my mother’s death. After I went back to the University I had to be a successful student, a good child and all my success is always dedicated to my mother.
And here, the bachelor's degree is completed ...
- The topic of the bachelor's thesis was quite difficult, but by this time you already knew the Chinese language, was the choice caused due to this?
- If I am being honest, it was a challenge that ended with a triumph. The topic was “The Factor of Tibet in China-United States Relations.” This topic is quite relevant in the world and the paper came out really interesting. I used plentiful literature and my work was appreciated Mr. Zviad Tkabladze, makes a great contribution to the achieved success.
- Why and when did you learn Chinese?
I started learning Chinese at SANGU. At first no one could imagine studying Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese) Today the Chinese language is my hope for the future and I am very grateful to Mr. Avto Kiknadze then the head of International Relations and Regional Processes. I succeeded and took the third level exam of Chinese language with the third year students (there are 6 levels in total, HSK), and within a month a positive answer came. That same year, in 2017, with the help of Mr. Auto, I received a 100% grant from the People’s Republic of China and traveled to China for a one-year language course. Upon my return I was lucky enough to start working in a very good place, also I took the language test again in order to get full scholarship for master’s degree. At the end of my one-year studies, I passed the fifth level Chinese language exam and was the first student at our university to overcome the difficulty of this exam and achieve success.
- These successes are really dizzying and congratulations, you were able to overcome all the barriers set by the embassy and receive a grant, perhaps you are very proud?
 - I am very proud, because I did not disappoint, first of all, myself and then the people who are happy to experience my every success and advancement with me.
I am happy and I can talk endlessly about China and my attitude towards the Chinese language.
- Well, what did China give you?
I am crazy about this country, I love the Chinese people and I really want to study more deeply and thoroughly the language, culture, traditions, etc. China gave me an education; it gave me a chance to become a person who will be very appreciated in my own country. Today I am Sinologist and I am glad that I can speak one of the most difficult languages in the world.
- Master's degree and exciting 3 years are waiting for you, what are your expectations?
- Yes, based on an online interview in May, I successfully overcame all the barriers and received three years of full funding at the university on the basis of perfect language proficiency, where I will continue my studies for free and with a monthly scholarship, now in a new profession and direction called tourism management. (旅游管理专业) 
I believe that each of my successes, each of my new steps is a reward for the hard work and hardships I have gone through ... I believe that I will become a successful person who will never forget who she is, where she came from and what she went through.
I am anxiously waiting for the start of my studies, when my plane will take off in the direction of my second home and when a new stage of my life will start ...
- Thank you Nino, good luck.
- Thank you.

Prepared by: Nino Abramishvili
Photo by: Nugzar Shonia