Successful Students of SANGU

In today’s “Successful Students of SANGU” we will introduce you a very interesting and most extraordinary girl, Mariam Mikhelidze, master’s degree student of Psychodiagnostic and consulting who, in addition to studying, has many passions and for whom there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.

Hello Mary.
- Hello.
Why you chose psychology as a profession?
- Because of the Georgian stars of my profession - Tea Gogotishvili and Dimitri Nadirashvili, however, while studying for my bachelor's degree, I discovered that there are many more interesting and worthy people working in this field.
The activities you were involved in during your studies were probably enjoyable and joyful.
- I was lucky enough to become a student of Tornike Skhiereli, who was invited at SANGU, and sang with him in the ensemble of our university. At the same time, I was dancing tango, we organized tango evening at SANGU with Georgian and Argentine dancers.
In terms of pandemic what is the virtual SANGU like?
- The virtual learning process makes time management easier, attending a lecture on time from work has become much easier.
From the very first year you showed up on a bicycle in SANGU, I probably would not be mistaken if I said that the most distinguished and favorite place for you is the Caucasus Cycling Network, which you founded last year with friends.
- My friends and I have been cycling in the city for years, as well as in different parts of Georgia. There are many problems and obstacles that unite us and we have thought of our own way to solve them - we have created a "Caucasus Cycling Network" community for the development and promotion of bicycle culture, which is growing day by day.
As far as I know, your project won the idea competition and was funded.
- Yes, we have been funded and we are preparing for the cycling competition, which will be held on November 1, this will be the first cycling competition for the "Caucasian Cycling Network".
Besides these activities you work in kindergarten.
- I specialize in early education in kindergarten. During the quarantine I started working in Glovo because I had to find a way out of the situation when everything was closed, even kindergartens.
What are your plans after graduation?
- I am planning a trip to places where dancing tango will be possible. After the trip, I am going to work in a psychological research center, if I cannot get involved in the existing, I will take care of creating something "new".
At the end of the conversation I had the feeling that you are a very fearless and purposeful girl, you find a way out of all situations and small things makes you happy...
- The main thing is not to be intimidated by existing problems. Take special care of the environment, the people and those around us, to believe that there is a better solution of any problem and never stop searching for this better in ourselves and around us.
Thank you Mary, good luck.
Thank you.

Prepared by Nino Abramishvili