Shalva Qurdadze


  • 1994-1999 - Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State university; Lawyer 
  • 1999-2002 - Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State university;Candidate of law science

Academic/Scientific Degree:

  • date of dissertation defense: 19.04.2003
  • title of the dissertation: Peculiarities of the simplified rule of review in civil cases
  • awarded qualification: Doctor of law
  • number of the qualification document: AHN01277

Pedagogical Experience:

  • 2013-present - David Aghmashenebeli university of Georgia - Bachelor, Master of law     Contemporary Contract Law, Bank Credit Relations, Comparative Analysis of Civil Procedures; Civil Law
    Civil Procedures
  • 2010- present - G.Tavartkiladze university
  • 2015 - present: St. Andrew the First-Called Georgian University of the Patrairchate of Gergia, Civil Law, Civil Procedures

Scientific-Research Work Experience

  • 2015-present  - Law Science Union, Member of the board, project: The problems of justice

Practical Experience:

  • 1999- 2001 - The Ministry of Justice of Georgia, a member of the State Commission for Law Reforms and Legal Terminology
  • 2001-present - Attorney, Member of Georgian Bar Association


  • Shalva Kurdadze, Giorgi Kurdadze Nino Khunashvili, Manual, Publishing house "Bonaccuse";Civil Execution law, 2017
  • Shalva Kurdadze, Journal of Life and Law, Peculiarities of property liability under Article 895 of the Civil Code of Georgia    2017
  • Roman Shengelia, David Sukhitashvili, Shalva Kurdadze    Journal of Life and Law    Reimbursement of damages caused by an increased risk    2016
  • Shalva Kurdadze, Nino Khunashvili, Manual, Publishing House "Meridiani", Civil Procedural Law of Georgia    2015
  • Shalva Kurdadze, Nino Khunashvili, Journal "Justice and Law", To ensure the principle of lawfulness in the civil process    2013
  • Shalva Kurdadze, Nino Khunashvili, Guram Tavartkiladze University Scientific Collection N2    The burden of proof in the civil process    2012


  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Supreme Court of Georgia and Judges of the Supreme Court of Georgia    2015-2018
  • Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University head of Private / Business Law Master and Bachelor Programs    2012-2018

Editor and Reviewer of Books

  • R. Shengelia E. Shengelia, Family and Heritage Law, 2017, Reviewer
  • R. Shengelia E. Shengelia, Banking Law Basics, 2014, Reviewer

Membership of Dissertation and Scientific Council:

  • Grigol Robakidze University; 2014-2018
  • David Aghmashenebeli university of Georgia; 2015-2018

Official opponent/Reviewer of Doctoral/Candidate Dissertation:

  • Ketevan Kukhianidze; Adoption and peculiarities of reviewing these cases;2017