Internships in Germany - the Best Way for Personal Growth and Development

Students of the School of Business, Computing and Social Sciences of Georgian University have been undergoing three-month internships at various hotels in Germany for several years. A third-year student, Nino Maisuradze, who challenged herself and took this opportunity says that going to the Usedom island and undergoing internship has changed her life. After this visit, Nino is eager to learn German better and this year she decided to travel to Germany once again, this time for three months. Nino recalls how active relationship she had with customers, which played a big role in shaping her professional skills. However, Nino also emphasizes the "general" result, as she calls it, which was especially important to her during her internship in Germany: it was a period of personal growth and development that helped her to become better acquainted with herself and the great life experience she received. The program lived up her expectations and for all of this she is very grateful to the Georgian University for giving her the opportunity.