The Training of Trainers for Beginners was Successfully Implemented Online

The Georgian University-based Trainer Laboratory has been conducting trainings for beginners for many years, helping participants discover opportunities and find themselves in the field of non-formal education. In this interview Nino Saladze and Nikoloz Gablishvili will tell us more about it.
- How you managed to conduct trainings online and how can you assess the progress?
- Nino - We planned the training process for about 2 weeks and went through each detail several times the result exceeded our expectations. The main goal was to make the teaching process active, interesting and effective, which I think we managed to do.
- What does an online training course include?
-  Nikolozi - During the course the participants were taught: training and session planning, management of participants, active learning methods, conduction techniques and more. The most important, I think, is the chance, to conduct training, that participants are given within the course.
- Do you need special skills to become a professional trainer?
- Nino - We selected the participants as a result of an interview, where the main selection criterion was the motivation. We believe that each person has relatively strong strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the course we constantly try to focus on the strengths of the participant.
- When do you plan to hold the next online training?
- Nikolozi - This year, if the demand arises, our team is constantly on the alert. At the next training, we may announce admission not only for Georgian University students and lecturers but, also for all interested persons in general.

The fact that the online training was successful, productive, interesting and joyful is evidenced by the opinions of the participants.

Keti Katselashvili - I was selected for the course and during the it I learned and mastered a lot of information and methods on how to plan training, how to give the right feedback, I learned how to make a proper presentation. I also got acquainted with various active teaching methods, which will be very useful in the future, and thanks to our trainers and each participant. Finally, we all had the opportunity to plan and conduct training in pairs.

Lana Adamashvili - The trainers’ laboratory gave me necessary information, knowledge, experience and skills, which in the future will definitely help me to establish myself as a good trainer. In order to create friendly atmosphere, the training was field with interesting and fun exercises and activities that brought the group members closer to each other even online. I liked that each meeting was divided into logically calculated steps. I think that the trainers' laboratory with the right modern vision successfully achieves its goal.

Mariam Gelashvili - The training process was quite active and enjoyable. Its noteworthy, the tireless efforts of the trainers and each of us to be actively involved in the process and to develop the specific skills. I hope we will definitely use the acquired skills and knowledge for our professional purposes.

Georgian University congratulates the participants who successfully completed the online course and wishes the trainers to return to the auditorium soon.

Prepared by Nino Abramishvili